We combine the structure, discipline, and rigor used by the big companies with the resourcefulness, flexibility, and boldness of a startup in our approach to consulting assignments. Working one-on-one with a professional who can give you the kind of customized, hands-on expertise that you deserve is the best way to make the biggest leap forward with your business. Our five-step framework serves as a guide in how we approach the work we do with our clients.

1. Analysis

Understand the opportunity or challenge at a deep level, and thoroughly assess the landscape in order to maximize the number of solutions available.

2. Discovery

Uncover the possibilities, synthesize combinations, and put ideas together in unique and compelling ways.

3. Strategy

Define the desired future state, create a road map or action plan to get there, and identify the assets and resources needed to accomplish the goal.

4. Create

Explore possibilities, create multiple options to test, and design and develop the output needed in to order to bring the strategy to life.

5. Implement

Execute the plan, test various scenarios, get feedback and learn from mistakes, and continuously improve with each iteration.

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