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If you want to create a competitive edge in the marketplace and stand out from the crowd, then take care of your team. It seems like common sense, but one of the most underinvested areas in startups and small companies is employee training. In sports, winning teams are well-trained and receive constant feedback, and it's no different with successful businesses. If you take care of your team, they will take care of your customers. We help entrepreneurs and business owners design effective training programs and assessment tools that drive results and reinforce company culture.

Examples Include

  • Employee Training Programs
  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee Retention Analysis
  • Internship Programs
  • Independent Contractor / Freelancer Strategies
  • Secret Shopping Analysis & Implementation
  • Customer Service Training & Assessments
  • Employee Incentive Programs
  • Virtual Assistant Strategies & Implementation
  • Core Value Alignment & Cultural Fit Assessments
  • Interview Strategy & Development
  • Sales Training & Assessments
  • 360-Degree Reviews & Feedback Programs

Packages & Pricing

Flat Fee


Success Fee

Volume Pricing

Once the project parameters, scope, and outcomes have been defined, then a flat fee will be established. This gives the client certainty with respect to the total cost. This structure works best when the project can be clearly defined with little uncertainty and few unknowns.
In this unique structure the fee is based on a specified and pre-determined outcome for the project. Typically, the consultant is not paid unless the outcome is achieved, and then the payout is usually calculated as a percentage of a measurable end result. Success fee pricing shifts the risk onto the consultant, but with the client willing to share in the upside of the outcome. This format works best where both parties are willing to take on these roles, and where the parameters and goals can be clearly defined.
Volume pricing is available for clients with multiple projects or for those that wish to establish an ongoing relationship. For example, some clients know in advance that they will have a set amount of monthly or quarterly work or a certain number of projects per year that they wish to address. If you have similar needs, please inquire about volume pricing.
An hourly fee structure works best on projects where the client wants added flexibility to achieve the desired outcome. Larger projects, increased uncertainty, and more unknowns are scenarios where hourly fees make the most sense. This format can still be framed with an estimated total cost in order to allow the client to work within a budget.
Due to the highly customized nature of employee related projects, an individual price quote is necessary. Please click the link on this page to schedule a free consultation, or send us a message to describe your project in more detail.

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