• Darin Vilano

Garrett Davis: Clock in on Your Own Dream | Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast

I loved having Garrett Davis on the show, because he is a great example of someone who has both a full-time job and a side hustle that he’s growing into a bigger business. If you’re in that same position, or if you are working for someone else and have an idea for a business that you want to start, this is a great episode to check out. Over the years, I’ve met and worked with many entrepreneurs who struggled with how to build a business while they’re employed, as well as how to know when it’s the right time for them to make the leap to full-time business owner. In this episode, we cover some of the obstacles that Garrett faces as he builds his personal fitness training business. Many of these challenges are common to people who are in the same position, so I know you will get tremendous value from listening to it.

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