• Darin Vilano

Ian Phillips: You Gotta Know Your Stuff | The Small Business BIG IDEA Show

Ian Phillips is the owner and founder of Three Carrots, a vegetarian restaurant with two locations in Indianapolis.  In this episode, Ian discusses his unlikely journey to becoming a chef, his transition to owning and running a restaurant, and some excellent, hard-hitting advice for new, small business owners.

After walking away from a PhD in psychology, Ian describes how he turned to what he loved, which was cooking delicious vegetarian cuisine for people.  He talks about the important lessons he learned from his early days of catering, making and selling a packaged food product, as well as starting small with a kiosk location.  Ian’s practical and direct approach to starting and operating a business is refreshing and inspiring.  His willingness to get his hands dirty and do every job in his restaurant is a lesson that we can all learn from.  And, he leaves us with a powerful message to all who embark on a new venture:  You must know your craft; learn everything you can about it; seek and develop mastery, and you will give yourself a shot at success.

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