• Darin Vilano

Jill Howell: Learning to Dance in the Rain | The Small Business BIG IDEA Show

Jill Howell is the owner of Raindancer Studios, a lifestyle photography business located in Indianapolis, Indiana. In this episode, Jill takes us on an incredible journey as she recounts the early days when she first picked up a camera, the difficult moments she went through as a single working mom, and the evolution and growth of her business. Her work capturing the natural and tender moments between family and friends end up becoming the priceless heirlooms that people treasure for a lifetime. During our conversation, Jill tells us the meaning behind the name of her business. It’s a metaphor for her life and a mantra that she’s lived by: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” This video is filled with so many beautiful and touching moments, such as when Jill talks about what really moves her as a photographer. After watching it, I know you will be inspired to connect with the higher purpose of your business as well.

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