• Darin Vilano

Josh Mitchell: Tell Yourself the Right Stories | The Small Business BIG IDEA Show

Josh Mitchell is an owner and founder of two small businesses – Design On Tap and New Thread Films.  In this episode, Josh shares his incredible story with us, including how hacking into a local internet service provider helped land him his first job, and how he had college interns working for him when he was still in high school.

He also shares how he overcame a low point in his life when his business and romantic relationship were both failing.  During this time, his financial situation was so dire that he was forced to sleep in his office unbeknownst to his employees and landlord.  Josh’s thoughts on the importance of sales when running a business, the danger of relying on only a few clients for the bulk of your revenue, and the need to focus and go deep to develop mastery in your niche are powerful lessons for all of us.  But, his closing thoughts may be the most important of all:  We must be cautious and aware of the stories we tell ourselves, because they inevitably become our truths.

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